Training Topics

Supervision Skills (Two or four  day curriculum)

Two Day Supervisory Workshop –This is a highly interactive workshop for Child Welfare Supervisors working in public or private/tribal agencies with differing lengths of supervision experience. The experience of casework is not sufficient preparation for the responsibilities of Child Welfare Supervision. Under trained Supervisors may fall into a comfortable pattern of supervising and have little opportunity to reflect and improve. This workshop is for both experienced and new child welfare supervisors who want to learn or review the important supervisory approaches, framework and skills that are crucial to developing casework staff and supporting them in achieving good child welfare outcomes. This training is based on the work of Tony Morrison, international authority on supervision and author of Staff Supervision in Social Care:  Making a real difference for staff and service users. (Pavillion Publishing)

Four Day Supervisory Workshop –Trainees attend two 2-day sessions scheduled approximately six weeks apart to accommodate two homework assignments.  One homework assignment involves video-taping a supervision session, then bringing a 15 minute segment of that session back to training to view and obtain feedback. The second assignment involves taking a supervision history, writing a supervision agreement and preparing to discuss their experiences during training.

Screening and Hiring

This training presents of a specific screening and hiring model that was developed for the Children’s Bureau (United States Health and Human Services) to improve caseworker recruitment and retention. Through structured exercises and activities, staff  view and critique mock interviews in order to hone their skills in rating applicants.

Performance Management

Performance management is an important, ongoing, competency-based process beginning with pre-service training, then continuing through the probationary period, and thereafter in ongoing supervision of new and seasoned workers. In this interactive workshop, participants learn skills for conducting effective performance assessments, including preparing for the session, conducting the session, evaluating current expectations, setting future expectations, and designing a plan for follow up.