Training Topics

Motivational Interviewing for Child Welfare

The Protchaska and DiClimenti model of change which can accommodate a range of therapeutic methods has applicability to clinical, organizational and personal problem solving. Trainees learn a basic conceptual framework to understand and analyze motivation and change. They also learn the core motivational interviewing skills that are required to use the model of change in a clinical setting.

Advanced Skill Building in Evidence Based Fact-Finding Child Interviewing

Trainees learn to refine their interviewing practice beyond the more basic skills and knowledge gained from the Introduction to Evidence Based Fact-Finding Child Interviewing.

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Trainees increase facilitation skills for meetings (including Family Team Meetings) through 1.) identifying the specific skills needed for facilitation, 2.) deconstructing and examining these skills and 3.) creating a stronger skill set through specific skill building activities.